The Beginning...

The road to Vera & Buck has been one of twists, turns, bumps and even some bruises. It all started three years ago when Christine Gorman, previous owner of Dilly Lily ( and owner of Christine Noelle Design Studio (, took a chance on me and saw a talent that I had no idea about. She invested in me and gave me the chance to work in her top-notch floral shop in the center of the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago.

            It took all of a one day trial day to know that I had found what the next season of my life was to be spent doing. The following day I went back to my corporate job and put in my two weeks. My life was soon to take a 180° for the better.  I was falling in love with my new job and finding so much joy in the knowledge I was learning each day and all of the beauty that was surrounding me.  One year grew into two and then three and then….I was wanting more!

I found myself not being fulfilled in just spending my days at the shop any longer.  That is when the big dreaming started.  First dreaming and then praying and praying hard. If this dream were to come true it would be by the grace of God. What was my next season in regards to flowers and my career supposed to look like?  How was I to take on this little pit of emptiness I felt? I was going through the motions. I needed to push myself and discover all of the untapped knowledge I had been missing.

            Welcome to the party - Vera & Buck - my big dream, my own business. But why stop at just having a floral business? Why not grow my own product?  A little confession: I have killed every plant in my apartment except for Boris the Begonia -what a trooper he is! So the thought of growing my own product was a bit out there but I became obsessed with reading and soaking in the knowledge of starting my own flower farm.

            Now enter my business partner, my mom, Lori. Seriously the most influential woman in my life. She has the biggest heart for the Lord, serving others, and loving her family and friends unconditionally.  She is Vera & Buck’s green thumb.  Our first plot has been single handily grown by her and the help of my dad, Scott.  Like, “Holy cow!” we have flowers, who would have thought!  Not only do we have flowers but we have a business.

            Why the name Vera & Buck you are probably asking? Who are Vera & Buck?.  Well, they are my grandmothers. Vera , known to me as Grammy, is my mom’s mother - the most influential woman in her life.  The apple doesn’t fall from the family tree in that sense. Buck, or short for “Bucky,” is Marilyn, my dad’s mom (we will talk about him later J). These two women were not your typical 1950’s mothers. Both were working moms who loved their families completely and lived full lives of travel, hardship, deep love and loss. I am so blessed and honored to be sharing this journey of Vera & Buck with them, as they have been a big piece to the large puzzle of who I am as a person.

            Back to my dad, Scott, he is my level head. We are pretty much the same person when it comes to most aspects of our lives which can get hard sometimes. I tend to do a lot dreaming on different galaxies and he has to bring me back to Earth. He is Vera & Buck’s voice of reason. I could not have done any of this without his love and full devotion to me as his daughter.

            These are the people, my people, my family, who have made my large dream become a reality.  Today I am so stinking excited and scared to be launching Vera & Buck Floral Studio & Farm.  But I am honored to share my deep love of flowers and design with you.   So I welcome you to Vera & Buck, let the adventure begin!!